For those of you who already own a beautiful natural fiber rug, you know how important it is to maintain it properly! While it does take an Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professional facility to perform a proper washing service, it doesn’t take a professional to know that you should take proper precautions when handling a natural fiber rug in any way. If you do not yet own a natural fiber rug, or have just recently purchased your first then let us share a bit of why it is so important to care for a natural fiber rug properly.

There is a large difference between rugs made of synthetic materials and rugs made of natural fibers. Most synthetic rugs are made of polypropylene, polyester or nylon. These are materials that in home carpets are typically made of as well. Since these materials are man made, they are specifically crafted to be very durable. Being made to be very durable means they can withstand a heavy duty vigorous cleaning process. With a synthetic rug, you don’t have to worry about any dye transfer problems that could occur when improperly cleaning a natural fiber rug. Our Carpet Cleaning Orlando professional technicians can clean synthetic rugs in home, using a hot water extraction method.

A natural fiber rug should not be steam cleaned. The natural fibers that oriental or Persian rugs are made of are not as durable as synthetic materials and improper cleaning methods can cause dye transfer or permanent dye damage. Make sure your natural fiber rug is properly cleaned by a professional to help ensure a long life for your beautiful rug.

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