The first step in our intricate rug washing process is to thoroughly inspect each rug top to bottom and front to back. Upon arrival to your home for the rug pickup we will conduct a pre-inspection with you present. This pre-inspection will allow us to quickly notice any abnormalities in the rug or any concerns that come to our attention.

Our second step is another inspection! Each rug goes through a pre wash inspection in our facility prior to beginning our washing process. This is a bit more of a thorough inspection. We are able to test the fibers of the rug to verify the material the rug is made of. We also conduct a Dye Transfer test. The dye transfer test will alert us as to if there are any chances of colored dyes transferring to different portions of the rug. Our in facility inspection allows us the additional time needed to look deep down into the rug for any abnormalities or damaged areas. The inspection process will set us up to use any particular techniques needed for each individual rug.

Once the inspections are completed, it is then time to begin the dusting process. The first step is to remove any loose debris from the rug. This is the most important part of the cleaning process. We us the Rug Dusting Wolverine and grids that trap the debris, we let the Wolverine do the bulk of the dusting for us. This is one of the most effective methods for removing loose debris from a rug.


Our dusting machine lightly beat's the back of the rug. By the time we finish dusting a rug, we are left with a pile of loose debris that can be relatively small or very large and weigh up to a few pounds. After we throughly and gently dust the back of the rug, we then use our commercial vacuum to get the final loose debris from the front and back. Dusting the rug is a very important step that makes an amazing difference!DSC_0114

Now that the rug has been properly dusted, we can finally get it wet! Before the standard washing process is underway, the rug may need an additional preparation step depending on any issues noticed during the inspection process. If there is a possibility of dye transfer or an over saturation of urine in the rug, it will then need to be pre-soaked in a specific solution to either prevent the transfer of dye or to remove excess pet urine.

The next step is to get the rug laid out on our wash floor and begin the washing portion of the process. This part of the wash is where the magic happens. The rug is submersed and sprayed with water, while our natural fiber specific shampoo is applied. The shampoo is worked deep down into the fibers of the rug by way of light agitation. When we agitate the rug it helps to open the individual fibers up so the shampoo can get deep down into the rug and do its job. The actual washing process is very involved and takes multiple hours that vary based on how dirty each individual rug is. We continue on with shampooing and agitating both sides of the rug until the water we are using flushes out nice and clean.

After the wet washing process is completed your rug will then go through a drying process until it is completely dry as well as nice and soft. Your rug will be placed in our centrifuge machine which spins the rug at high speeds causing a majority of the water to be removed by way of centripetal force. Your rug will then be dry enough to hang on our custom built drying rack. Our drying rack is custom built to eliminate the risk of any fold lines in the rug as well as implementing air movers to prevent a drawn out drying process that could possibly leave an odor.


Now that your beautiful rug is nice and clean, it is time to deliver it back to you! Your rug will be wrapped with plastic sheeting to prevent any collection of debris after the washing process is completed. We will deliver the rug back to your home, set it where you would like and encourage you to inspect your rug and let us know what you think!