More Tips For Checking Your Rug.

As a professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando company, we have spent many hours and days mastering our craft. From customer interaction, to inspecting to cleaning, we take pride in being thourough and professional. One of the more important portions of the Rug Washing process is the initial inspection. Our professional Rug Washing technicians are trained...

February 7, 2017March 10, 2017by
Rugs Of Natural Fibers.

Rugs Of Natural Fibers.

While we are Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals, we are very interested in sharing our knowledge with anybody who listens! Most people casually refer to Natural Fiber Rugs as Oriental Rugs, and that is ok. A Natural Fiber Rug is a heavy textile that is made for a wide variety of utility and symbolic purposes.  An...

February 3, 2017March 12, 2017by

Warps And Wefts.

As Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals, we have educated ourselves on the intricacies of natural fiber rugs and the maintenance they require. We are big proponents of continuing education, which we take advantage of as much as possible, as well. When we post blogs to our site, it is always with the hope that we...

December 29, 2016March 10, 2017by

Don’t Clean Your Rug In Home.

We know not everyone out there can be an Oriental Rug Washing Orlando Professional, so we are always happy to offer our expertise on the topic. We have posted before about the proper immersion rug washing technique and all the reasons why that is the correct procedure to follow. This post will be a bit...

December 22, 2016March 10, 2017by

Proper Rug Washing.

When it comes to maintaining your beautiful, natural fiber rug, make sure you seek a true professional to answer the call! Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professional rug washers are exactly that! While we use some modern tools for completing our specific rug washing process, our process is still based on the original method for...

December 14, 2016March 10, 2017by

Pesky Pet Urine.

One of the most common issues we continue to come across in all our years as Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals is pet urine saturation. Not only is pet urine in your beautiful natural fiber rug a smelly nuisance, it is also difficult to remove. Pets tend to urinate on in home rugs  often because they...

December 6, 2016March 10, 2017by

Nobody Likes Fleas!

While our Oriental Rug Cleaning In Orlando professionals are by no means bug experts, they do know a thing or two about specific bugs typically found in rugs. One of which being fleas. By definition, a Flea is a small wingless jumping insect that feeds on the blood of mammals and birds. It sometimes transmits diseases...

November 11, 2016March 10, 2017by

When Choosing A Professional. . .

There’s always a first time for everything, even rug cleaning. So, when it is time for your first Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando service, make sure you choose the right professionals! Typically, the first step is an internet search, which is actually a great way to begin your research. When you start typing in the search...

October 28, 2016March 10, 2017by

Keep The Bugs Away!

As Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals, it is probably not hard to guess how much we love rugs. All kinds of rugs, Oriental, Persian, Indian. Dhurrie, Tufted, Handwoven. Even synthetic rugs. Yes, that’s right, even synthetics! So, it is terribly unfortunate when a beautiful natural fiber rug is damaged. Improper storage, misuse and lack of...

October 12, 2016March 10, 2017by

What Is A Jute Rug?

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals are very well versed in the variety of materials used to craft different types of rugs. We also understand that most people who are not professionals in the rug industry may not know as much about these beautiful works of art. We have posted about a couple of different...

September 15, 2016March 10, 2017by
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