Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals are very well versed in the variety of materials used to craft different types of rugs. We also understand that most people who are not professionals in the rug industry may not know as much about these beautiful works of art. We have posted about a couple of different natural fibers that are used to craft certain types of rugs, wool being the most prominent. Most natural fiber rugs are made of wool, with the second most seeming to be silk. Synthetic rugs are becoming more common, as they tend to be more durable and affordable. Natural fiber rug owners own more than just a rug, they own a piece of art. You could even say, a piece of history when speaking of certain rugs made generations ago.

One of the materials used to craft some natural fiber rugs is called Jute. Just is a vegetable fiber that is long, soft and shiny. It is spun into coarse, strong threads which are used to weave Jute rugs. Jute is one of the most highly produced and affordable vegetable fibers available. It is second only to cotton in production and uses, when it comes to vegetable fibers. The leading producer of Jute is India, followed by Bangladesh and China. Jute may not be the most common type of rug, but you can still find them in homes across the world. They are durable and soft, which makes them great in home rugs. They are pet friendly and only require standard vacuuming, in between professional cleanings. If you’re a fan of natural fiber rugs, you may want to give a Jute rug a try. You may find a new favorite!

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