As Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals, we have educated ourselves on the intricacies of natural fiber rugs and the maintenance they require. We are big proponents of continuing education, which we take advantage of as much as possible, as well. When we post blogs to our site, it is always with the hope that we are helping a curious rug owner out. If you clicked on this particular blog because it is labeled Warps And Wefts, then you’re in luck. Warps and Wefts combine to be the most important part of your hand woven rug. In the process of “Plain Weaving” the Weft is the yarn or thread that is woven through the Warps in an over-under method. The Warps are lengthwise strands of yarn that are held very tightly in place by a frame. Weaving the Wefts through the Warps essentially creates your rug. The Weft is usually yarn or thread of spun fibre. Most natural fiber rugs are made from wool, cotton or flax. All of which are the fibres originally used for making hand woven rugs. Since a Warp has to be tightly stretched on a frame it typically has to be a fibre stronger that what would be typically used as a Weft. The frames that the Warps are mounted on are typically looms. I loom is a machine that uses a frame, a shuttle and a picking stick to help make rugs in an efficient manner. The Warps and Wefts are so important because they are literally the base of your rug. If a rug is assembled incorrectly, using poor yarn or thread, or not making the weaves tight enough it will result in a faulty rug. The base of your rug is where those pesky wool eating bugs love to reside. If the Warps and Wefts are not entirely dried after becoming wet, mold and mildew can actually form in between them and cause another mess of problems. These examples should help to understand how important these two basic parts of a hand woven rug actually are. Make sure your hand woven rug feels nice and sturdy when you purchase it. Once purchased, make sure you keep up with the proper maintenance. Have your Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando washed every 1-3 years. Take care of your rug and it will take care of you!

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