The process for Oriental Rug Cleaning is very specific and detailed entirely doe to the way the rugs area crafted, as well as the material used. We’re going to fill you in on a little bit of information involving some of the natural fibers used to make these beautiful Oriental, Persian and Middle Eastern type rugs. The most commonly used fiber in hand crafted, or machine made rugs is Wool. Wool itself is an abundant, easy to come by, easy to color natural fiber, which makes it a perfect candidate for a daily use rug. A well made wool rug has a nice feel to it, has a very study pile with a long life and is quite efficient in repelling water and stains. Since Wool rugs are sturdy, they are great for high traffic areas in homes. They can go very well and last long in areas like halls and living rooms. Since they are also efficient at repelling water, they are a great choice for placement in dining rooms as well.

Another commonly used fiber in high end rugs is Silk. Silk comes directly from the silk worm, which makes it quite a bit more difficult to produce and harvest than Wool. Silk rugs are going to be higher end rugs. They will typically cost more than most rugs available. Silk rugs usually have a different type of look to them. These rugs have a shorter, finer, shinier pile than Wool rugs. The surface is extremely soft and comfortable. Although they are a bit nicer than Wool rugs, they are also less durable. Silk rugs are more subject to moisture damage and can be damaged more easily than Wool rugs. They do offer a much more luxurious look that goes well in a master bedroom or formal living room.

When purchasing a natural fiber rug, make sure to take all the variables into account. Choose a rug made of a material that fits your specific needs for the rug. Always remember to care for your natural fiber rug in the appropriate manner!

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