When it comes to maintaining your beautiful, natural fiber rug, make sure you seek a true professional to answer the call! Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professional rug washers are exactly that! While we use some modern tools for completing our specific rug washing process, our process is still based on the original method for cleaning hand woven, natural fiber rugs. This original method that was and is still used to this day to wash natural fiber rugs is the river wash technique. When washing a natural fiber rug, a full submersion or flushing of the rug is the best way to clean in-between each individual fiber of that hand woven natural fiber rug. Each wool fiber is rigid, which makes them great at collecting dirt or dust particles. They are also great at clinging to hair, whether it be pet or people’s hair. Prior to todays technology, the dusting portion of the cleaning process was done by hanging a rug and beating the back of the rug with a large stick. These days there are tools and techniques that make this process a bit more sophisticated and in depth. We use a custom built grating in which we lay the rug flat, faced down on. We then use a dusting machine that is driven by a rug technician. This dusting machine is a quite efficient way to knock every bit of lose dirt, dust, hair and grime out of the face of the rug. Once the dusting process has been completed, the washing process can begin. Our submersion washing process is a combination of new age methods and older, traditional washing methods. We use our custom wash floor along with our high GPM hose to recreate our version of a traditional, flushing river wash. We take pride in our ability to provide a high quality washing of each rug, while recognizing and applying the traditional methods that have been keeping natural fiber rugs clean and lasting for generations.

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