One of the most common issues we continue to come across in all our years as Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals is pet urine saturation. Not only is pet urine in your beautiful natural fiber rug a smelly nuisance, it is also difficult to remove. Pets tend to urinate on in home rugs  often because they are confused and believe it is essentially a patch of grass. This is due to a pet’s vision and sensitive feel of the carpet. Once a pet decides to grace your rug with the presence of it’s urine, it is time to act quickly. Fresh urine is considerably easier to extract than urine that has dried into the carpet fibers. When urine is fresh, it has a low pH which would make it a bit easier to extract. But, as it sits, the bacteria present in the urine begins to rapidly multiply which causes the pH to increase. Once the urine is completely dry, it turns into an alkaline which is much more difficult to remove. Once the reaction takes place the urine becomes dangerous to the fibers. Now the fibers can be permanently dyed, which is irreversible. To prevent permanent damage, you will want to act quickly. The best route to take (prior to a professional cleaning) is to first use a wet/dry vacuum to extract as much of the urine as possible. Use the wet/dry vacuum on the wet area until it no longer feels wet. Once it feels dry, apply an even mixture of vinegar and water generously to the area. Let it dwell for 1-2 minutes before applying the wet/dry vacuum to the area again, until dry. If you do not have a wet/dry vacuum, you will need to use a dry cloth. You will dab the cloth onto the area repeatedly, until it feels as dry as you can achieve. Once you are finished treating the urine on your rug, we highly advise having it professionally cleaned.

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