As a professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando company, we have spent many hours and days mastering our craft. From customer interaction, to inspecting to cleaning, we take pride in being thourough and professional. One of the more important portions of the Rug Washing process is the initial inspection. Our professional Rug Washing technicians are trained experts at inspecting rugs for fiber material, pre existing damage and the possibility of color bleeding. We love sharing our information with customers, so here are some tips on how you can inspect your own rugs in your home.

First, you would want to check to see if your Natural Fiber Rug is rotten or cracking. You’ll want to lay the rug on its face and look at the back to see if there are any light colored patches. If there are, these could be the first signs of mold or mildew growth, which is something you should pay special attention to as you proceed with checking the rug. Fold the carpet across first in one direction and, after testing it, fold it in the other direction. Listen carefully as you twist the rug gently while firmly, gripping it in both hands. If you hear any splitting or cracking sounds, stop instantly. That sound is the foundation threads snapping as the rug breaks up.

If the rug passes the cracking test, the next step is to feel the material. Silk should never feel brittle, no matter its age. It should always feel smooth and soft. The consistency of wool can vary greatly with age. As wool grows older, the lanolin in the fibers begins to dissipate and although a wool rug may look like silk, it will feel quite firm and sometimes even bristly.

Hopefully these tips help with any time you may need to inspect a rug! When your high end rug is ready for a cleaning give our Oriental Rug Cleaning professionals a call and we would be happy to clean your rug!

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