We know not everyone out there can be an Oriental Rug Washing Orlando Professional, so we are always happy to offer our expertise on the topic. We have posted before about the proper immersion rug washing technique and all the reasons why that is the correct procedure to follow. This post will be a bit about why you do not want to have your natural fiber rug cleaned in your home. While carpet cleaners typically have the best of intentions in mind, the intricacies of natural fiber rug washing are usually not well known unless or until someone properly educates themselves and completes the proper training. Any technician would be unable to provide the proper cleaning of a natural fiber rug without the proper knowledge of what makes up a natural fiber rug and what improper cleaning techniques can do to one.

Different rugs are made different ways and an improper cleaning can have adverse affects on these rugs. Tufted Rugs are rugs with backing on them. Many times, these rugs are made , then a cotton based backing is glued on using latex glue. Tufted Rugs need to first be dusted, by beating the rugs from the back side. This process can not be completed in a customers home. Even if you pre-vacuum a tufted rug, it will only remove a small amount of surface dirt. Simply leaving it will let the dirt compound at the base of the rug. It can take as little as 2 years for dirt to compact so deep and tightly that it can be nearly impossible to remove. The water that is part of the steam cleaning can cause a few problems, one of which being that it can turn the deeply embedded dirt into a plaster like substance that can actually cut the fibers at their base. The hot water can also open the door for dye transfer, or bleeding issues. A steam cleaning uses a shampooing solution that needs to be entirely extracted so it does not cause any problems within the fibers of the rug. An in home steam clean simply can not achieve that. Along with the shampoo that is unable to fully be extracted, there will also be plenty of water in the base of the carpet. Without proper drying, mold and mildew can form in the base of the rug.

There are plenty of reasons to have your rug properly cleaned by a professional in a rug specific facility. Hopefully some of this information will help you to make the correct decision when it is time to have that Oriental Rug Cleaning done!

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