Our Oriental rug cleaning in Orlando company prides itself on providing a high quality rug washing service as well as a top notch customer service experience! We started as a small family owned and operated business that is built on a foundation of providing a quality service that we genuinely care about and keeping an open line of communication with each and every customer.

We believe communication is an intricate part of success in all aspects of life. When speaking with our customers we like to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you are price shopping, scheduling an appointment or calling for a service we do not provide, we like to help in any way we can. We welcome any and all questions our customers may have as it helps to educate you on our processes and procedures. Even though our company continues to grow, we stick to our roots of being a company people enjoy doing business with.

One of the aspects of our company we are most proud of is our team of employees. We do not ever contract any work out to other companies, nor do we ever have contractors complete jobs for us. Each member of our team is an actual employee. Each one or our rug washing team members are trained when hired and are constantly subject to continued education on all aspects of the services we provide. Our oriental rug cleaning Orlando technicians are educated on a variety of topics that aid them throughout the entirety of our rug washing process. From different fibers used to craft the rug, to different ways rugs are weaved, to the newest of techniques and products, our team stays up to date with everything rugs!

We are also very proud of our constantly growing and improving rug washing facility. We keep everything we need to complete a variety of services that are needed for our rug washing process on hand and ready to go. Keeping our facility stocked with the products, tools and equipment we find to be the best for our particular washing methods keeps us on track to complete each service in a timely manner while maintaining our high quality standards. The machine we use for dusting is a top of the line tool that we couldn’t do without! When we use the duster it is on our specially ordered grated flooring, which slightly raises the rug to help with soil removal. We have a customizeable soaking pit that we use for special applications that require an additional treatment prior to the rug hitting the wash floor. The soaking pit helps us apply the special procedures needed for rugs that are over saturated with urine or have the possibility of dye transfer. Our wash floor is cleaned before and after each rug wash. It drains well and allows us to reach every portion of the rug during the washing process. When the time comes to dry the rugs our centrifuge helps that process along greatly. The centrifuge is a high dollar, high performance machine that uses centripetal force to pull most of the residual water out of the rug before hanging it on our drying rack. The drying rack we use is a custom built rack designed to eliminate the possibility of creasing in the rug as well as reducing complete dry times. The drying process that we follow ensures your rug will be dried evenly and efficiently to ensure your rug is nice and soft and has no lingering odor.

As a company who cares about our customers as well as the quality of the services we provide we are committed to maintaining our grounded structure while continuing to evolve our operations as necessary to provide the best service possible! Give us a call or send us an email and test out our commitment to excellent customer service for yourself. We would love nothing more than to be your go to company for anything and everything when it comes to rug washing!